A Modern Day Renaissance Man!

A Father, Painter, Digital Artist, Musician, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Tattoo Artist, Muralist, Singer, Songwriter, Friend, Thinker, Balloon Entertainer , Magician, Humourist, Criminal, Superhero, Lunatic The List Goes On....!

Renaissance Man
Word Origin..A cultured man of the renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields.

A present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.

Leonardo DaVinci

Michael The Great

Benjamin Franklin

The  Three Greatest Renaissance Men Of Our Time.....In No Particular Order!

 Michael was born in Tacoma Washington and moved away to the state of Arizona at a young age. He is a product of the 80's and lives his life with  the greatest of passion. Michael developed a love for Art and Music at the age of 12 when his mother had given him a new ArtSet and Acoustic guitar.

 Since those early years, Michael has developed his skills to a very high degree and continues to sharpen his abilities in every way. He went to school but never had graduated due to many complications in his home life. That did not stop him from pursuing many different  fields of study and only fueled the fire in his desire to be better in every way as a person.

 In the year of 2009 Michael had discovered the internet and actually was a very late bloomer in regards to the technical age of today. "He barely knew how to open an email" at that time. Since then he discovered all the wonderful possibilities that come with having a  computer and decided he was going to learn all he could.

 He now does all his Artwork digitally, thanks to Photoshop and some other really great software programs in his arsenal of tools.

 Michael first learned of Internet Marketing by accident. Just surfing the web one day he ran across a program that looked so promising in that anyone could make boat loads of cash overnight! Of course, he learned the hard way, but also knew that it must be possible. So began his journey into madness...Michael had tried so many different systems  and shiny new tools only to fall flat on his face every time, one failure after another. 

One day he decided to take a different approach and found out that just like anything you want to learn in life, it's going to take hard work and dedication. He then through much frustration, time, and effort slowly put the pieces together. Finally gaining the knowledge to have success. He is not a six figure earner yet ....."YET", but he is well on his way.

 Learning all the basic fundamentals and strategies and  methods he now has the ability earn at will while working from his home office in Port Orange, Florida. Michael's lifestyle has changed dramatically with taking frequent trips to all the Theme parks in Florida, as well as living just a few miles from the beach. He also works part time as a balloon entertainer at a very popular Restaurant named "Crabby Joe's", where he warmly welcomed by the friendly staff and patrons every time he comes to perform.

 One of Michael's dream is to become a six figure earner as an online affiliate and learn product development. Some of the techniques Michael employs online for list building is through the use of automation. He hopes to one day develop his own software program that will complete certain tasks pertaining to affiliate marketing.

 He has an extensive knowledge of many software programs that are used for online marketing and does reviews on these products. He also has a great desire to help others who are pursuing affiliate marketing and shares his knowledge abundantly. He owns three websites named :  KnowAboutIt.Info - CaptBallooneyTunes.com - Michael's Art .You can see some of Michael's Art work as well as book Michael as CaptainBallooneyTunes for your next kids party where he will bring much fun and laughter with his balloons. KnowAboutit.Info is the central hub for all his product reviews and marketing tips and strategies.



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